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I highly recommend using the processing services of In-Depth Geophysical for both pre-stack time migration and pre-stack depth migration.

Their software and methodology are data driven. Their software is far superior to most if not all other processing companies. Their methodology is well thought out and executed. Their applications are based upon factual information not solely on interpretation or intuitive guesses.

Their turn-around time is quick.

The staff take time to explain what is being done and how the programs work. In addition the staff are pleasant and personable to work with; they respond well to their clients.
Chet PohleManager of Geophysics, E&B Natural Resources
We and our various partners are very pleased with the products In-Depth delivered on this project. It has changed our interpretations, but we are now more confident in them.
Ken HelmHurd Enterprises
It’s been my pleasure to work with you and the entire In-Depth Team! The team’s project execution, use of cutting-edge technology, responsiveness to feedback, and work ethic have been most impressive. I’m really looking forward to interpreting the final volumes and I hope we can tackle other imaging projects in the future!
It was my pleasure to work with all of you and all of that hard work paid off with an excellent dataset, delivered on time and on budget. I hope we will work together in the future on other depth imaging projects!
I have no doubt In-Depth does great work. I've heard from others in the industry about your abilities and I think your reputation is well respected.
The final results are just spectacular! This is something that you guys should be proud of; the ... data we started with was pretty rough. Thank you!
The data has been looking great. I cannot understate the magnitude of data enhancement that your work has provided. Thank you!