In-Depth Time Processing

In-Depth is best known for its depth imaging software—RTM+, K-Tomo, Geobody-RME, Gaussian Beam, VAT, and many other proprietary software and workflows.  Over time, however, our clients kept encouraging us to build preprocessing and time processing capabilities—primarily due to their wanting a “one-stop shop” business model for efficiency, turnaround, and security.  To be sure, it took significant effort and resources to build/test/develop proprietary time processing software, but we believe it was imperative to overcome the inherent bottlenecks found in ALL legacy time processing software packages currently in use today.

Thus, since 2014, we have extended our capabilities to capture the entire seismic processing spectrum—from preprocessing techniques to refraction and reflection statics to multi-dimensional noise attenuation to migration and post-migration image enhancement. We have developed the proprietary workflow SmartMerge, and routinely run RTM+ migrations during time processing for QC, making sure that the time processing does not hurt the depth image.

Today, In-Depth has run more than 25 onshore time processing projects, from the Permian basin, Marcellus trend, Cotton Valley play, Eagle Ford, Lower Gulf Coast, several basins in China, East Texas, and the Great Basin.  Our offshore time processing regions include the Gulf Coast Transition Zone, Shelf and Deepwater GOM, and International regions. We have hired highly seasoned time processors to accomplish our clients’ goals.

We encourage you to take a closer look at our time processing capabilities and compare us to the rest.