In-Depth’s proprietary technology–Fault Constrained PSDM Workflow–automatically scans the dip field and utilizes the fault’s planes in both imaging and velocity model building. Using the fault and horizon information to guide the imaging and velocity updating helps the workflow produce geological compliant images. We have routinely provided our clients with these products in the Lower 48.

The Fault Constrained PSDM Workflow involves the automatic picking of the dips and manual picking of the fault planes. In-Depth has developed proprietary tools to carry out both. The fault picking can also be done using any third party interpretation tools.

Final velocity overlaid on stacked volume. Thanks to the Fault-Constrained Workflow, our velocity model shows good collaboration between velocity and horizon/fault planes.

The tomographic inversion utilizes masks, where we incorporate the faults and horizons into the masks. Using this method, the velocity model prevents or constrains the velocity from continuing through each fault.