Seasoned. Passionate. Successful.  These distinctions mark our Executive, Technical, and Business team.   We work hard to earn and maintain your trust and, along with our Technical Staff, work with you–24/7–in solving your toughest seismic problems.

Zhaobo “Joe” Meng
Founder and CEO, Board Chairman

Joe has more than 27 years of experience in the oil & gas industry and academia. Joe specializes in raytracing methods such as TOMO, Gaussian Beam, and Kirchhoff. Before starting In-Depth, he was the Director of Seismic Velocity Modeling in the Technology Organization at ConocoPhillips. He was also a Co-Founder of Nexus (acquired by WesternGeco in 2008). He has a Ph.D from the Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP) at the Colorado School of Mines, he received an MS degree from Harbin Institute of Technology and has received a BS degree from Shandong University. He also served as a Board Member of the SEG Foundation (Jan 2018 - Jan 2022) and was the Chairman of the SEG Scholarship Committee 2017.

Bin Gong
President and CTO, Board Member

Bin has 20+ years of experience with the oil industry and academia. Bin specializes in wavefield methods, such as finite difference, RTM, FWI, and Velocity Estimation. Before joining In-Depth, he was a Staff Geophysicist at ConocoPhillips, and worked for GXT in the imaging team prior to joining ConocoPhillips. Bin has an excellent track record in tuning up resource-intensive applications in the industry. He has a Ph.D from Rice University, an MS from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a BS from Beijing University.

King Sim Lee
Executive Vice President Geophysics

King Sim is a seasoned geophysicist with extensive global expertise and experience in solving specific geophysical and imaging problems in a wide range of petroleum basins. He has broad and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of data acquisition, time processing, depth imaging and 4D reservoir management. King Sim was previously a geophysical consultant with Chevron Energy Technology Company. Before joining Chevron in 2004, King Sim was the manager of Geo-Solutions for Shell E&P Asia Pacific. King Sim graduated from University of Malaya with an MS and BS degree.

Joel Latchman
Senior Vice President, Sales
Principle Geophysicist

Joel has 10+ years of experience and expertise in both time processing and depth imaging. He began his career offshore, in the Barents Sea. Prior to joining In-Depth, Joel was Processing Manager at Geotrace Technologies and Senior Geophysicist at Geokinetics in Houston. Joel has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from The University of the West Indies.

Pete Bridge
Senior Vice President,
Land Sales

Prior to joining In-Depth, Pete was the Director of Data Processing Sales and Central Manager for 13 years at Vector Seismic Data Processing, which was acquired by Schlumberger. Pete was formerly the Land Processing Manager at Veritas/DGC for 5 years. Pete graduated from Mount Royal University with a PLM degree, and the University of Winnipeg with a BSc.

Our IP portfolio and strategy has attracted some of the brightest geophysicists and processors to join our rapidly growing ranks.  Our Technical Staff makes the time to gather all the available evidence, debate it, rigorously test it, reject the meaningless, reconcile the discrepancies, and then come to a solid conclusion that is both defensible and as close to the “ground truth” as possible.