At In-Depth, we believe the key to successful imaging is not just imaging alone, but also meticulous velocity model building. We have developed and maintained some of the industry’s most sophisticated proprietary velocity packages, including our k-semblance, fault-constraints, dip/structure-guided constraints, and depth-velocity decoupled system. Our Fault Constrained Tomo handles full-azimuth/multi-azimuth, Gaussian Beam gathers, Kirchhoff gathers and RTM angle gathers. Plus, it resolves PSDM fault shadows! TTI/VTI is routinely used in our service projects to flatten gathers and tie wells.

Our proprietary velocity modeling and imaging technologies involve the extensive use of dip field. Dip-guided K-semblance has been the key for our Tomo to deliver geology compliant velocity models.  Because of attention to velocity details, our clients have dubbed us "the Velocity Experts."

Our 3D tomography workflow has been streamlined to work with In-Depth’s other proprietary technologies including Gaussian Beam (offset gathers) and RTM (angle gathers).

Using 3D Tomography for Depth Imaging, we have completed numerous onshore and marine model building and depth imaging projects, including isotropic, VTI and TTI model building, and depth imaging. We have extensive experience in land full-azimuth acquisitions of poor quality data, using our proprietary data regularization software. Fault constraints provide the next wave in solving fault shadow issues.

In summary, In-Depth’s 3D Tomography represents a true breakthrough in the industry, with novel technical features such as high density picking, high resolution, non-hyperbolic move out, proprietary fault and horizon constrained, anisotropic model building (that allows the user to tie the wells), and dip-guided K-semblance.