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Since 2010, In-Depth Geophysical has created 100% proprietary velocity and seismic technologies that tackle our clients’ toughest subsurface challenges—using a Services business model.  Our growing client base includes supermajors, independents, and NOCs. We continue to invest our profits into our new computing facilities and data center and developing novel technologies. What’s more, we have organically grown In-Depth into a debt-free, financially strong company, without being burdened by governmental ownership or financial obligations.
Our Technology IP Portfolio contains flexible, 100% proprietary software that serves as the engine for all of our Services. The benefit? Our clients frequently present us with "what if" concepts, then we quickly reconfigure our existing technology in order to solve their unique challenges—usually within 24-48 hours of their request.


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Job Opportunities:

Position: Sr. Geophysicist

Job Description

Develop compressive sensing data acquisition/processing technology using L1-norm Data Reconstruction/Blending for Acquisition Design. Work with the seismic data acquisition partners to carry out the trials and production runs. Work with clients and In-Depth and/or In-Depth partners’ acquisition and processing business units, including geophysicists, geologists, and acquisition managers, to develop and advance the technology.


Requires a Master Degree in Geophysics with at least two-year experience.

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